Friday, May 30, 2008

may, 27 tuesday

im really not sure what to plan for the upcoming week of service learning. it seems like first week started off kind of slow than after time we began to progress but now its like where right back in the whole again and im not sure where to go from here. i would like to complete the task but im really losing interest i the topic the further i get from it. im not sure if they have been doing a lot and i ve been absent but, while i was present it didnt seem like much was getting accomplished and i dont say nothing at the meetings, but when its time to report all this bakc i dont have anything to report. hopefully we can get it together this week and show some success

may 27-tuesday

my independent hours was pretty simple , because everyday im @ church helping with childrens ministry. i love kids and i enjoy spendng ime with them and trying to sho the younger boys things to do and not todo. a lot of the kids look up to me and see me as a role model. i feel that when i go in there with those kids that who i am is not the only thing that is important is risk but also who they are because they follow me. it is something i volunteer to do and i dont mind taking a coulple hours out of my sunday to help the community more so the youth.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

may9- service learner

During this week i was absent but i happen to research some other things about my group although i was not present. I found out that fundred dollar is very similar to an organization created during the 80's in australia. service learner helped me recognize that there is a lot that still needs to be done in this world and someone has to do it. i am proud of myself to kno that i have decided to be that person to create a change.

Friday, May 2, 2008

service learning-may, 1

Yesterday we began to write letters to printing organizations because in order to create the money we will need a printing company.We also discuss who we will need to help us as sponsors and what we will need from them. Everyone created a letter to a printing company and then we will decide which is the best to send to all the printers to represent what we are about and how they can help us complete our goals

Monday, April 28, 2008

service learning planning- may 1

On thursday may 1 i hope to have my presentation on fundred dollar completed, also i hope to present it, once people have their presentations completed, they can present it, im ready to go to the next part of this project to bagan making. i will start to resaerch printers online that could possibly help us print our money, also i will research the success that the fundred dollar bill associatiotion has accomplished. Once i finish that I WOULD LIKE TO FIND SPONSORS AND PEOLE WHO ARE WILLING TO GIVE US AN HELPIN HAND!( if you read this blog and your interested contact me @ ACH2792@YAHOO.COM

service learning- friday april 25

This friday in service learning we accomplished a lot. Our success unlike the week prior was immaculent. i was proud and for the first time since this project began i felt that we were actually doin something, the students were cooperated and the teacher gave us interesting work. this project has become enlightning and now i motivated to produce quality work.